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SITUATION NOT NORMAL : Song ( Warren Rodwell )

Warren Rodwell

SONGWRITING …  1. SITUATION NOT NORMAL – Lyrics by Warren R Rodwell ( 2015 ) / Composed and performed by MAD COWBOY DISEASE featuring the deeeeeeeeeeeeppp bass voice of Josie Critter   Stay safe, comrades. Only the paranoid survive …. #auspol… (Read more)


Dr Bob East USQ + Warren Rodwell

The USQ Bookcase Writers’ Festival presents a diverse range of stimulating and engaging workshops from blogging, photobooks and freelance writing to historical fiction, publishing, pitching and more.   Workshop 1: Telling Tales of Terror Doing justice to human tragedy  … (Read more)

OUR SIBLING HEARTS : Song ( Warren Rodwell )


OUR SIBLING HEARTS – Composed and performed by MAD COWBOY DISEASE Lead vocals : Patsy Inclined / Lyrics by Warren R Rodwell / Produced by Stewart Peters @ SoundShed Music.       OUR SIBLING HEARTS ( Lyrics by… (Read more)

Is the Australian Prime Minister satisfied ?

Warren Rodwell

The attention of the Australian Prime Minister is respectfully drawn to “Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment” (see link below) It is a one-off payment to provide assistance for Australians affected by acts of terrorism overseas that are declared by… (Read more)


Music Notes

NEW RELEASE : Written by Warren R Rodwell < SITUATION NOT NORMAL > song Composed / performed by MAD COWBOY DISEASE   Many thanks to Matti at Finncut for the collation and presentation of this magnificent video clip. Also, kudos… (Read more)

Warren Rodwell BIOGRAPHY

Warren Rodwell

CLICK on picture above to view full article … Warren Rodwell; former soldier, university English teacher, prolific world traveller, and hostage survivor. Born in Sydney, he grew up in Tamworth NSW, and is the longest held Australian captive out of war.   … (Read more)


Warren Rodwell

  NEW RELEASE : The tune, lyrics, instruments, and of course Josie Critter’s deep voice really come across as a finely crafted dark, powerful, haunting yet rhythmic blend, timed to perfection A powerful Arab rap feel from a multi-talented… (Read more)

WIKIPEDIA : Warren Rodwell

Warren Rodwell

  NOTE : CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE TO VIEW IN FULL   Thank heaven for Italian barbers  ….   Click on following link for WR Wikipedia entry …  _________________________________________   Warren Richard Rodwell (born 16 June 1958[74] Homebush NSW)[75] a former… (Read more)